Cee & Zee Sections

A subset of our Superoof umbrella, The Cee & Zee Purlins are specially designed & precisely manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Sinner. Accurate manufacturing ensures easy installation at site, excellent fit & finish ensuring there is no twist or sag in the purlins. Thus installation is easy on the contractor & always according to Architects satisfaction.
Purlins with excellent fit finish and precise measurement makes it easy for Sheeting and Cladding installation and enhances aesthetics of the building.

Advantages & Special Features :

  • Cold rolled purlins are upto 30 to 45 % lighter in weight.
  • For same number of purlins, the cold rolled purlins require lighter primary structure.
  • They offer higher strength compared to conventional members.
  • Use of secondary members effectively reduces overall cost as lighter primary structure is required.
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit your specific requirements in the most cost effective manner
  • Manufactured from High Tensile galvanized steel (upto 345Mpa) conforming to ASTM A 653M – 04a Gr. 50
  • Manfactured members are easily stackable & thus offer easy & reduced transportation costs
  • Factory pre-punched members allow for easy & rapid installation at the site
Specs DMPL Purlins Description
100-300 “A” Web
40-80 “B” Fange
10-20 “C” Lip
1-3.5 “D” Thickness
Bay Spacing (m) DMPL Purlins Tubular Section Hot Rolled Channel Angle Section
  Section A X D (mm) Weight (Kg/m) Section Weight (Kg/m) Section Weight (Kg/m) Section Weight (Kg/m)
3.3 150X1.5 3.56 90X3 4.16 ISMC 75 6.8 100X100X6 9.2
3.8 150X1.5 3.56 90X4 5.53 ISMC 100 9.2 100X100X6 9.2
4.25 150X1.5 3.56 100X4 6.15 ISMC 100 9.2 130X130X8 15.92
6.0 200X1.8 5.06 N/A   N/A   N/A  
7.5 200X2.0 5.62 N/A   N/A   N/A  
Dead load - .01 Kn/m2 , Live Load – 0.75 Kn/m2, Wind speed – 39 m/s, Purlin Spacing – 1.4m