About Dhumal Metals Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1979, Dhumal Industries is a trusted business house since its inception. Guided by the philosophy to produce innovative and quality products, Dhumal Industries has come to be known for its “successful customer centric” approach.
We have a satisfied customer base spread all over India and in various other countries. At Dhumal Industries we are constantly striving to stay updated with latest technology and innovations, which is reflected by our No. 1 position in the Indian Poultry Solutions industry.
Dhumal Metals Private Limited (DMPL) is a sister company of Dhumal Industries. DMPL tries to replicate Dhumal Industries in terms of its core values and aims to achieve new heights. DMPL is a modern manufacturing setup equipped with the latest machinery & adopts standardized manufacturing processes.
Currently our manufacturing unit covers 1,00,000 sq .ft. area and expands across a sprawling 5 acre campus. The manufacturing unit consists of a wide range of machinery, right from cutting, punching, bending, roll forming, and heavy metal fabrication to blasting & painting. Most of the machines are CNC controlled offering high precision, repeatability and accuracy thus enhancing the quality of our product.
DMPL currently has a manufacturing capacity of 45,000 tons per year and are planning to expand gradually over next 5 years. With in-house facilities from cutting to painting, we offer customized solutions to suit customer requirements.