DMPL offer a variety of specially designed roofing solutions, namely under the SuperRoof brand, to satisfy the customers varying needs according to the applications. Profiles are mainly inclusive of industrial roofing, decorative roofing, liner panels for cladding & interior false celings, standing seams for leak proof joints, sandwich panels for cold-rooms etc.

Our designs offer many special features such as :

  • Anti-capillary groove - stops leakage at overlaps.
  • Crests with curved tops - enables leakage proof installation of sheets.
  • Optimized profile offers best in class strength to coverage ratio
  • Elaborate roll forming process ensures negligible warpage & stress generation
  • Use of High Tensile Strength steel material
  • Simaple and Easy to Install
  • Available with 10 Years manufacturing warranty
  • Environmental Friendly

We use only standard make raw material steel coils with following specifications

  • Yield strength - 550 MPa or as per requirement
  • Thickness - 0.35mm to 0.8mm
  • Coating - Galvanized / Galvalume 150 GSM or as per requirement
  • TYpes of colour coating offered - RMP, SMP, SDP, ARS, PVDF

We Offer Different Color Options
SuperRoof 1025

SuperRoof 1025 is an urbane & slightly bold roofing & cladding profile with its peaks & crests closer to each other offering superior strength to coverage. With its excellent spanning ability & anti-capillary groove, these sheets are widely used in various industrial & commercial applications.

We use only standard make raw material steel coils with following specifications

  • Yield strength - 550 MPa or as per requirement
  • Thickness - 0.35mm to 0.8mm
  • Coating - Galvanized / Galvalume 150 GSM or as per requirement
  • TYpes of colour coating offered - RMP, SMP, SDP, ARS, PVDF

SuperRoof 1070

It is the most optimized profile which offers perfect combination of quality and Price. Offering flexibility in raw material coil width to be used, lead time can be greatly reduced.
It is widely used in industrial, domestic as well as architectural applications due to its unique advantages.

SuperLiner 1155

SuperLiner 1155 is a simple yet cleverly designed profile which offers effortless spanning abilities. The smooth curves & ribs make this profile aesthetically very pleasing to the eye. The Superliner profile is widely used for Interior Cladding & False Ceiling applications

Tile Portuguesa TM

Tile Profile 840

With its very chic appearance, The Tile PortuguesaTM roofing profile fits in perfectly in today’s modern living yet at the same time retaining its classic character. This profile will always remain in style for years together. The Metal adaptation makes it very easy to install. The big curves allow for easy flow & disposal of rain water. Special attention is paid to the quality of this tile & state of the art manufacturing ensures you get the best fit-finish & visual appearance.

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SuperSeam 550



Decking sheets are corrugated or plain platforms supporting the flooring of the building. In combination with concrete slab, Decking sheets are used as permanently formed composite floor system. SuperDeck is cleverly designed profile to serve as permanent supporting base for poured reinforced concrete floor slabs.

It offers unique advantages -

  • Economical option compared to conventional concrete slab
  • Easy to installation
  • Lesser installation time
  • Eliminates need of temporary wooden forming / Shuttering

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