Cee & Zee Sections

A subset of our Superoof umbrella, The Cee & Zee Purlins are specially designed & precisely manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Sinner. Accurate manufacturing ensures easy installation at site, excellent fit & finish ensuring there is no twist or sag in the purlins. Thus installation is easy on the contractor & always according to Architects satisfaction.

Purlins with excellent fit finish and precise measurement makes it easy for Sheeting and Cladding installation and enhances aesthetics of the building.

Advantages & Special Features :

  • Cold rolled purlins are upto 30 to 45 % lighter in weight.
  • For same number of purlins, the cold rolled purlins require lighter primary structure.
  • They offer higher strength compared to conventional members.
  • Use of secondary members effectively reduces overall cost as lighter primary structure is required.
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit your specific requirements in the most cost effective manner
  • Manufactured from High Tensile galvanized steel (upto 345Mpa) conforming to ASTM A 653M – 04a Gr. 50
  • Manfactured members are easily stackable & thus offer easy & reduced transportation costs
  • Factory pre-punched members allow for easy & rapid installation at the site

Specs DMPL Purlins Description
100-300 “A” Web
40-80 “B” Fange
10-20 “C” Lip
1-3.5 “D” Thickness
Bay Spacing (m) DMPL Purlins Tubular Section Hot Rolled Channel Angle Section
  Section A X D (mm) Weight (Kg/m) Section Weight (Kg/m) Section Weight (Kg/m) Section Weight (Kg/m)
2.5 100X1.0 1.75 70X3 3.22 ISMC 75 6.8 100X100X6 9.2
3.3 150X1.5 3.56 90X3 4.16 ISMC 75 6.8 100X100X6 9.2
3.8 150X1.5 3.56 90X4 5.53 ISMC 100 9.2 100X100X6 9.2
4.25 150X1.5 3.56 100X4 6.15 ISMC 100 9.2 130X130X8 15.92
6.0 200X1.8 5.06 N/A   N/A   N/A  
7.5 200X2.0 5.62 N/A   N/A   N/A  
Dead load - .01 Kn/m2 , Live Load – 0.75 Kn/m2, Wind speed – 39 m/s, Purlin Spacing – 1.4m

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