Pre Engineered Buildings

Pre Engineered BuildingsDMPL PEBs are pre-engineered, pre-fabricated metal Structures, manufactured at Sinnar (Nashik) with only the assembly and erection being carried out on customer site. DMPL PEBs are specially engineered with precision and advanced technologies to best suit the customer requirements.

DMPL is such a partner where dreams are translated into plans and then plans are executed to achieve desired goals. With our customer centric approach, “We Deliver what We Promise”.

We start process cycle with gathering the minute details / requirements from client, converting the information into design, translating design into manufacturing destails and finally ending plant activity with finished quality product and systematic dispatch.

At DMPL all the design, manufacturing and quality processes are set at par with industry benchmarks. We have dedicated, well trained and enthusiastic professionals to execute the various functions from design to erection and back up services.

Types of Pre Engineered Buildings [PEBs]

Clear Span




Single Slope




In order to cater to your varying needs in terms of Product specifications & budget, we have engineered two distinct product lines

    A Top of the line solution which offers a best in class building finish with use of high quality input raw materials & high technology manufacturing processes. In addition to 20 year structural stability, we provide a 10 Year manufacturing warranty on the building.
    With the ECOLITE series, we offer a simplified building solution which is a unique combination of optimized design, on-time delivery and exceptional cost efficiency.

    • Single Source Responsibility
    • Customization
    • Long Life
    • Aesthetically Appealing
    • Cost Effective
    • Fastest Roofing Solution
    • Large Clear Spans
    • Low Maintenance
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Workshops
    • Poultry & Cattle Farms
    • Site Offices
    • Agriculture
    • Infrastructure
    • Cabins
    • Low Cost Housing
    • Cold Storage

Manufacturing Process

  • Manufacturing process starts with cutting and welding appropriate sections and plates as per requirements.
  • These sections are then passed through shot blasting booth. Material is expose to accelerated metel granules which removes rust, dirt from material surface.
  • Micro craters are created on the surface which helps in neat application of paint.
  • Section are then passed through closed paint booth. With only filtered air coming in, contamination free painting is done.
  • Use of special Anti-Corrosive paints give building long lasting shine and enhances its life